A close up shot of a microphone.

Can Students Benefit From Public Speaking?

January 5, 2022 Johnny Araya

Public Speaking Skills For Students: Note These Benefits The ability to speak in public can help you or your child succeed in any endeavour. Some children are naturals at public speaking, while others are afraid. Teachers often grade children based Read more…

A man sitting in front of the computer system that is kept on the table, wearing headset, interacts with his colleague via cloud.

How Cloud Telephony Has Simplified And Popularised Election Campaigns?

December 30, 2021 Johnny Araya

Cloud Telephony: A Modern Approach To Election Campaigning To win elections, political parties must make their supporters feel special. It is important to reach out to as many voters as possible in any election campaign. Cloud telephony provides simple solutions Read more…

A teen boy is speaking on a mic and delivering some speech, a whiteboard can be seen nearby with something written on it.

How To Develop Public Speaking Skills In Students?

December 24, 2021 Johnny Araya

The Importance of Public Speaking Public speaking skills are important for children because they help them develop important communication skills useful later in life. The ability to be persuasive and logical with arguments is developed in children through public speaking. Read more…

A beautiful girl has partially worn invisalign dental braces, she is smiling.

How To Manage Speech Problems When Wearing Braces?

November 25, 2021 Johnny Araya

Public Speaking With Braces: Tips to overcome challenges For a healthy, beautiful smile, braces are crucial. However, you can expect to experience some lisping and misarticulation when wearing dental braces, regardless of the type of braces you use. Besides braces, Read more…